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Welcome to the Hotspots Fire Management Planning Tool

Why complete a property fire management plan?

Many landholders have actively managed fire on their properties for years, some with a kind of 'intuitive knowledge' gained through experience and learning through others. However, documenting your strategy has a number of advantages:

  • your documented plan provides a valuable tool for communicating with others;
  • you can share your plan with co-managers, neighbours or the local fire brigade;
  • you can be better organised and proactive with fire management;
  • you can be more objective in your decision making; and
  • you can leave a record of fire management on your property for future generations.

Fire management planning is for the long term and the more you learn, the more information you'll base your decisions on. A documented plan can help keep things in perspective and can be updated and improved over time.


The online Fire Management Planning tool

This online tool takes you through everything you need to do in preparation for developing a fire management plan for your native vegetation areas on your property. It provides a step by step guide to creating a map-based property fire management plan which includes a map, future action plan, and supporting information.

The fire management plan is yours to keep, refer to and update over time. It can also be a useful tool to take to your local RFS district if you wish to implement any of your management actions. The plan is not legally binding in any way.

You can track your progress as you go and there is a save option if you wish to leave your plan to gain additional information and complete at a later date.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers to complete your plan.

Start your plan!