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Fill in your registration details to access a map of your area in Google maps. You can then start the fire management planning process for your property. If you have multiple properties, not connected to each other you can complete a separate fire management plan for each. Larger or adjoining properties can be linked on the same plan.

The resulting fire management plan and all its content remains your property. As administrators of the online fire management planning tool the Hotspots Fire Project will not use or forward any details contained within your plan to any third party.

To make sure you receive the email with your login details please add to your address book and/or contacts.


This online tool has been compiled for the Hotspots Fire Project. It serves merely as an aid to planning, and in no way provides any guarantee of fire safety. Although people living in and working in fire-prone areas or areas with potential for fire can attempt to minimise risk, a degree of risk will always remain. The information contained herein reflects our current understanding. We are learning more about fire and the environment every day and anticipate that some recommendations may change as new information comes to hand. Thus whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information presented herein is as accurate and well-informed as possible, those involved in compiling this online tool take no responsibility for any outcomes, actions or losses resulting either directly or indirectly from the tool's interpretation, misinterpretation or implementation. The examples provided are not intended to suggest a recommended course of action. Nor is this online tool intended to be used without the help of experts, good neighbour relations, the experience of the associated Hotspots Fire Project workshops and the tools provided at those workshops. The Hotspots on-line planning tool including all features and products are not for legal purposes. Readers should also note that the focus of this online tool is on fire management planning, as distinct from fire response planning. The NSW Rural Fire Service can assist with the latter.

By agreeing to the above, you also warrant that you are over the age of 18 and the property owner (or authorised by the owner to complete a fire management plan).