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Tarraganda, Tathra workshops

Wednesday, 26th June 2019

Tarraganda, Tathra workshops

The Hotspots team has come together with NCC’s Bushfire Program and NSW RFS Community Protection Planning team to develop a broad community engagement initiative for the Tarraganda, Tathra region, in the Bega Valley Shire. 

The area experienced a major fire event 18 March 2018, known as the Reedy Swamp fire. It impacted on the communities of Reedy Swamp, Chinnock and Tathra destroying 143 homes and impacting the local community, causing mass evacuations. As part of the community’s recovery, NCC’s Hotspots Fire Project and Bushfire Programs and the NSW Rural Fire Service Community Protection Planning team have developed 10 events, including a three-day Hotspots workshop, a Preparing for Fire Bushfire workshop and three two-day Community Protection Planning workshops.  With support from local agencies, including National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW Forestry and the Bega Valley Shire Council, as well as the Recovery Committee the workshops will allow community members to meet their neighbours, discuss their experiences and learn from experts and each other about fire safety and planning to assist them in their recovery post-fire. 

At the Hotspots workshop series, delivered over two days, there was a strong focus on teaching fire safety and fire behaviour. Workshop participants also expressed a strong interest in the recovery of their local flora and fauna, with discussions of bush fire ecology led by NCC ecologist Kevin Taylor. 

This Sunday (30 June) Hotspots is hosting its final workshop day for the Tarraganda rural community while the Bushfire Program delivers its Preparing for Fire Workshop to Tathra Headland residents. The Community Protection Plan workshops will be starting in July and if you are interested in participating in one of these workshops please click below:

There are also plans for a field day to be held in September for the whole community to reconnect and build on the relationships developed at each of the tailored workshops.

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