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Thursday, 16th May 2013

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For Jimmy, to own a large block of land adjacent to National Parks and protect it had been on his 'bucket list' from a very young age. When he first saw the 100 acre block in Bulgawalbin it was a dream come true and the property is now covered by a Nature Conservation Trust agreement. Jimmy has also completed a Hotspots Fire Management Plan for the property.

Because of Jimmy's expertise he was asked to film the Hotspots workshop series for a series of YouTube video clips focusing on the Hotspots program and fire management planning for the Endangered north coast emu population (see related news article in this newsletter).  

I think the best thing about the Hotspots program delivery was the organisation. Having been part of developing lesson plans and teaching SCUBA for 12 years I felt Hotspots was well organised, delivered information pertinent to the community members participating in the workshop series and was great at community building.

The workshop really brought the community together to implement not just individual property level planning but also a far reaching and coordinated approach to managing fire risk as well as biodiversity.

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