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A tribute to Jane Elix

Thursday, 8th November 2012

A tribute to Jane Elix

The Hotspots team would like to pay tribute to Jane Elix who sadly passed away in July this year. On our very first meeting with Jane the Hotspots team was taken back by Jane's pure gusto determination and no nonsense approach to getting the job done.

With the combined efforts of Judy Lambert, Jane picked up what we perceived to be a complex community engagement delivery model with absolute ease. How does she make it look so easy???!

We are so thankful for the experience that Jane has brought to the Hotspots program, leaving a lasting impression with the communities that she has worked with. Jane should be proud to know that those initial workshops have gone on to tackle the much needed effort into managing fire and biodiversity. What a mark and what a legacy.

The extended Hotspots team is most saddened by the recent news and would like to sincerely thank Jane for playing such a critical part of Hotspots.

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