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Message from the Hotspots Team

Welcome to the June edition of the Hotspots News Online.

Articles in this edition:

1. 2017-18 Fire season – update  
2. Hotspots Fire and Weeds Review
3. Recent workshops at Broken Head, Bocoble, Canyonleigh, and Wagonga
4. Hotspots collaboration in cultural fire project in Jubullum
5. Workshops planned for 2018-19
6. NCC Fire and Restoration Network site update
7. Online Environmental Tools Videos
8. Useful links and applications

To find out more about Hotspots workshops and to register, click on the link provided in the Workshops Planned for 2018-19 article below.

Kind regards,                                                                                                                         
The Hotspots Team

2017-18 Fire season – update

The 2017-18 fire season, which officially ended March 31, 2018, was a particularly busy one. Since July 1, 2017, firefighters from all agencies responded to more than 14,000 bush, scrub and grass fires that burnt a total of 265,848 hectares across NSW. Read more...

Fire and Weeds Review

Exciting news! After an extensive review process, we are now launching our Fire and Weeds Hotspots Review, which provides a framework of knowledge on fire and weed management for professionals working in and with the Hotspots programs. Click here to learn more and access our review. Read more...

Hotspots workshops at Broken Head, Bocoble, Canyonleigh and Wagonga

Four Hotspots workshop series have been delivered in communities at Broken Head, Bocoble, Canyonleigh, and the Wagonga Local Aboriginal Land Council. Read more...

Hotspots collaboration in cultural fire project in Jubullum

Jamie Bertram from the Hotspots Fire Project has been involved in a project working with the Jubullum Village Aboriginal Community to implement a range of property fire-management projects. Read more...

Workshops planned for 2018-19

There are plans to bring Hotspots workshops in the next financial year to the communities of Shannon Creek southwest of Grafton, Penrose in the Southern Highlands, Cobargo in the Bega region, and to deliver a modified workshop series to the Bombay community near Braidwood. Read more...

NCC Fire and Restoration Network Hub

This quarter's Fire & Restoration Newsletter brings you leading germination expert Dr Mark Ooi who discusses the impacts of fire seasonality on plant germination, an article about the protection of bark-eating koalas near Cooma, as well as cool burning for the Tarengo Leek Orchid. Read more...

Online Environmental Tools Videos

Information and “how to” resources are available for online environmental tools, including Atlas of Living Australia, BioNet, and SEED from the recent webinar delivered by the NCC Bush Fire Program. Read more...

Useful links and applications

Check out the updated list of resources including tools, databases, and applications you may find useful. Read more...