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Message from the Hotspots Team

Welcome to the March edition of the Hotspots News Online.

Articles in this edition:

  1. Fire season update 2020-21
  2. Hotspots workshop updates
  3. Before You Light that Fire
  4. New National Warning System
  5. NSW Bushfire Inquiry update
  6. Large Forest Owls Project videos
  7. School nest box building collaboration
  8. NCC Fire and Restoration Network Hub
  9. Useful links and apps

To find out more about Hotspots workshops and to register, click here or in the Hotspots workshops article below.

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The Hotspots Team

Fire season update 2020-21

After one of the most intense droughts in the state’s history, NSW has finally seen some good rain. In many areas this has led to increased grass and crop growth, posing a new fire threat over the coming months. Read the full article….

Hotspots workshop updates

The Black Range community participated in a successful trial of an online workshop, with a split workshop series at Bungwahl/ Topi Topi receiving a surge of interest after the 2019-20 fire season. Workshops are being prepared for the Orara Valley, Wingecarribee, and Kangaroo Valley. Read more...

Before You Light that Fire

Planning a prescribed burn? The Before You Light that Fire publication provides guidance for landholders in NSW. Read more...

NCC 2021 Virtual Bushfire Conference

Tickets are now available for the Nature Conservation Council's 2021 Bushfire Conference. Over three days, this year's theme "Cool, Warm, Hot: the burning questions" will explore how different fire intensities can influence ecosystems and communities in a changing climate. Read more...

New National Warning System

The Australian Warning System is a new national approach to warnings for hazards like bushfire, flood, storm, cyclone, extreme heat and other severe weather. As part of this national initiative, the icons shown on Fires Near Me NSW and NSW RFS website have changed. All states and territories will now display incidents in the same way. See the new symbology...

NSW Bushfire Inquiry update

The Hotspots Fire Project has been recognised in the NSW Bushfire Inquiry as an important tool for creating resilient and fire-prepared communities. Following one of the inquiry recommendations, we will be talking to previous participants about their fire management plans. If you would like to participate in the project evaluation, please get in touch. Read more...

Large Forest Owls Project videos

See what the Large Forest Owls Project has been up to and access their training videos via a new Large Forest Owls Project poster. Read more...

School nest box building collaboration

Jamie Bertram from the Hotspots Fire Project has been involved in a bush fire recovery and preparation project with school students in the Orara Valley area. Read more...

NCC Fire and Restoration Site Network Hub

NCC’s Fire and Restoration Network has been busy publishing the many resources that have appeared online since the COVID-19. There is a wealth of free webinars and training tools now available. Read more...

Useful links and applications

Check out the updated list of resources including tools, databases, and applications you may find useful. Read more...