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Understanding Fuel: Fire Behaviour Fact Sheet

Wednesday, 26th June 2024

Understanding Fuel: Fire Behaviour Fact Sheet

The second in the Hotspots Fire Project’s Understanding Fuel fact sheet series is now available. After the first fact sheet delved into the variables that affect fuel accumulation, the second in the series explores factors that affect fire behaviour.

As the climate becomes warmer and drier across Australia, understanding fuel is essential to managing bush fire risk to life, property and natural ecosystems.

Understanding Fuel… and fire behaviour includes a guide to the new Australian Fire Danger Ratings, an outline of the Fire Triangle and explores how three factors influence the behaviour of fire: 1) Topography 2) Weather and 3) Fuel.

Watch out for more in the series, coming soon!

Access Understanding Fuel…and fire behaviour

Access Understanding Fuel … and fuel accumulation

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