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New Regional Fire Management Plans

Sunday, 23rd June 2024

New Regional Fire Management Plans

Bush Fire Management Committees (BFMCs) across the state have been working on writing new 5-year plans for how bush fire is managed in your local area.

Bush Fire Management Committees occur in zones that are often aligned with one or multiple Local Government areas. These committees are responsible for the planning and coordination of bushfire management activities within a local area with the aim to reduce risk to life, property, and the environment.

Committees are made up of many stakeholders including fire authorities, land managers, landholders, community organisations, and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

Every five years, the committee writes a new Bush Fire Risk Management Plan, to identify community assets at risk from bush fire and to allocate targeted actions to reduce that risk. Assets can include built structures and economic assets as well as environmental and cultural assets.

Find out where each plan is up to in the planning process and provide feedback on your local plan here:

The Nature Conservation Council (NCC) is currently seeking volunteers to be a representative on their local BFMC.

NCC representatives are the environmental voice on these committees and ensure threatened species and the environment are considered during the bushfire planning and implementation process. Learn more and become a representative today:

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