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Fire and Restoration Resource Hub, December 2022

Friday, 16th December 2022

Fire and Restoration Resource Hub, December 2022

The Fire and Restoration Resource Hub has made available three new articles that may be of interest. Two of the articles focus on citizen science, with one specifically written as an introduction to citizen science resources, with information on how to access and utilise them, as well as how to contribute.

The other considers citizen science within the context of important habitat trees and hollows, discussing how these habitat features are impacted by bushfire and prescribed burns, and how citizen science can assist in preserving them. It involves an excellent iNaturalist dataset set up by community members who attended our workshop in the Kangaroo Valley earlier this year.

There is also an article available discussing the practice of forest thinning as a fire management strategy, analysing different viewpoints surrounding its efficacy, including new academic research produced this year by scientists at the University of Melbourne and DPE. The article contains plenty of discussions and resources that examine the usefulness of this practice, so give it a read if you are interested in this practice or are thinking of using it yourself.

Finally, take a look at the article about the use of drones in bushfire management, the link to which is available on the Fire and Restoration Hub site. Could it be the future?

The Fire and Restoration Hub website can be accessed here:

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