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Meet our newest Hotspots Ecologist – Richard Geddes

Sunday, 19th June 2022

Meet our newest Hotspots Ecologist – Richard Geddes

The Nature Conservation Council has welcomed a new Hotspots ecologist, Richard Geddes to the team. Richard will be based in Kingscliff and working in the northern and central parts of the state, while Hannah Etchells focuses on the central and southern regions. Longstanding NCC ecologist Kevin Taylor will be supporting works across the state sharing coordination roles with Kate McShea, after her return from maternity leave.

Richard has joined the team after a successful stint working with Bush Heritage Australia. Richard has over 20 years’ experience in conservation and land management across NSW, QLD, WA and the NT and has extensive experience in planning and supervising prescribed burning and bushfire suppression for conservation areas and ecological objectives.

Richard has been fortunate enough to work on fire management projects with many of the Aboriginal ranger groups and senior traditional owners in Northern Australia as well as several regions in NSW. He has a passion for engaging and supporting communities to improve fire regimes for biodiversity and cultural values.

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