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Large Forest Owls Project videos

Friday, 5th March 2021

Large Forest Owls Project videos

NCC’s Large Forest Owls Project has been hard at work monitoring populations of owls in the Richmond-Clarence Lowlands over the past 18 months.

Working with previous Hotspots participants, the project has placed 34 acoustic song meters across landholder properties to help identify nesting sites and assess the impacts of flood and fire on owl populations in the project area.

A face-to-face workshop series planned for last year was transformed into a video series to ensure the project could progress safely during the COVID epidemic. The series covers the installation, use and monitoring of nest boxes and acoustic song meters, as well as how the data is processed and the impact of the 2019-20 fire season. Read more about the project and its video series via the Large Forest Owls Project poster here: or access the videos here:

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