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Site assessment & Monitoring Guide

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

Site assessment & Monitoring Guide

A key aim of the Hotspots Fire Project is to increase community understanding, confidence and capacity to manage fire for ecological and Aboriginal cultural outcomes while protecting life and property. The new Ecological Site Assessment and Monitoring of Bushfire Management guide helps landholders follow up and implement what they have learned at the Hotspots workshops and to understand and evaluate the benefits of any management actions. It is primarily designed for use in native vegetation, which includes bushland, grassland and wetland areas, but many techniques can be used in agricultural or other modified landscapes. Techniques include photo points, vegetation transects, fuel assessment and motion sensing camera traps.  

Hotspots workshop attendees are given an overview of local ecology, recommended fire intervals for different vegetation types on their property, and how to measure fuel loads. Participants are also assisted to develop map-based Property Fire Management Plans that detail key natural and built assets, their management objectives and priority fire management actions.

By applying the simple site assessment, monitoring and evaluation techniques outlined in this guide, landholders can identify changes in vegetation communities and fuel loads, and refine and update their management plan and actions over time.

Download Guide: Ecological Site Assessment & Monitoring of Bush Fire Management_Landholder Guide

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