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School nest box building collaboration

Friday, 5th March 2021

School nest box building collaboration

Communities in the Orara Valley region of Coffs Harbour Local Government Area are working through their recovery from the 2019-20 fires.

To help that process, the Hotspots Fire Project’s Jamie Bertram helped deliver workshops to students at Ulong, Lowanna and Karangi public schools in the Orara Valley in November and February.

The workshops, delivered in conjunction with Prosper Coffs Environmental Trust, the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Coffs Harbour City Council, educated students about bush fire management, with presentations on fire ecology, wildlife preservation, cultural fire practices and bush fire preparation.

Students built nest boxes for native wildlife using materials paid for by donations from Facebook Limited and coordinated by Coffs Harbour Protection of the Environment Trust. These boxes will provide much-needed shelter for native wildlife in the area burned by the Liberation Trail fire.

“It was encouraging to involve and educate the students from rural areas about bushfires and controlled fires, showing them the difference of fire behaviour across the landscape,” Jamie said.

“Talking to students at a young age about ‘good fire’ and ‘bad fire’ gives them a good understanding about fire and fire management. The students learnt about the importance of tree-hollows and fallen logs as shelter for wildlife and how they can be protected from fire.

“Hollow-bearing trees provide shelter for our native tree-dwellers like possums, gliders, owls and other bird species.”

The Hotspots Fire Project is working with Coffs Harbour City Council and others to develop a landholder workshop series for the Nana Glen area in 2021-22.

Read more about the schools via the Prosper Coffs Harbour Limited

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