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Fire and Weeds Scientific Review

Monday, 25th June 2018

Fire and Weeds Scientific Review

After an extensive review process by project partners the Fire and Weeds Hotspots Review has been launched. The review provides an ecological background, stemming from the literature, for land managers, fire practitioners, and professionals working in and with the Hotpots program to inform their messages about fire and weed management. The review aims to be a living document and a platform for community discussion.

The review looks at the interactions of fire and weeds on a state-wide scale, considering literature relevant to the interactions of fire with weeds in all vegetation communities across NSW. There is a specific focus on a subset of significant weeds, chosen by project partners, bush regenerators and fire management practitioners for their ecological impact and known interactions with fire. However, the review is not exhaustive and is designed to be used in tandem with regionally specific literature reviews of fire and vegetation, which can be found on the Hotspots website.

The Hotspots Fire and Weeds Landholder booklet, which translates the science from the Hotspots scientific review and includes case studies of practical examples, is also available via the Hotspots website.

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