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Wednesday, 20th December 2017

Recent Carwoola Workshops

Following a bush fire in February, which burnt over 3000 ha in Carwoola, the Hotspots team were approached by members of Stoney Creek Brigade to support the community in creating a Hotspots café for their area. First established with the Burra community, 20 km south of Queanbeyan, the Hotspot café is a brigade led initiative, where the community come together and discuss fire management and other community issues over a cup of tea.

To kick off the café, the Hotspots team delivered 2 workshops on 23 September and 7 October (series 1) and 24 September and 8 October (series 2), providing an introduction to fire ecology for the region, fire behaviour and site visits to look at the response and recovery of the sites where the fire went through. An additional evening event was run on the Sunday night with 16 people from both workshop series attending, going out in the Stony Creek Nature Reserve to search for nocturnal wildlife, including forest owls, and nocturnal mammals.

A Hotspots Café event was run the following week hosted by Stoney Creek Brigade. Hotspots staff were on-hand to assist with the Hotspots property fire management plans, present property protection information, and run an innovative mapping exercise using Lego pieces to signify assets in order to assist the community with emergency planning. This event provided a handover from the Hotspots team to the community. The brigade plan to run a Hotspots café event once a month with November’s café including discussions on Scarlet Robin habitat and property preparedness particularly focused on the elevated grass fire risk due to recent rainfall.

As an additional follow-up activity the Stoney Creek brigade were trained in the use of a new RFS Household Assessment Tool developed by the Batemans Bay RFS team and Superintendent Tim Carroll, to assist in conducting property inspections. Workshop delivery was provided by Tim Carroll (Lake George Zone Manager), Kelwyn White (Community Protection Planning & NSP Officer) and Hotspots facilitator Phil Paterson from the Planning and Environment Service Centre, Batemans Bay. 

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