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Hotspots Fire and Weeds Booklet

Wednesday, 20th December 2017

Hotspots Fire and Weeds Booklet

The Fire and Weeds Landholder Booklet on the interaction between fire and weeds in native vegetation of NSW is available. This Hotspots booklet provides an introduction on the relationship between fire and native vegetation and the relationship between fire and weeds in different vegetation types. There are also in-depth case studies looking at practical examples where combinations of fire and herbicide have been used to successfully treat weeds, as well as an introduction to monitoring changes in vegetation. This booklet is designed to raise awareness of environmental weeds and how fire may be used in some instances to improve the health and viability of native vegetation.  

The Hotspots scientific review that underpins this landholder booklet will be available in early 2018. Key themes of the review include ecological dynamics of weeds and how these impact biodiversity, and the implication of fire regimes for weed control and fuel hazard reduction. 

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