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Fire and restoration network hub

Friday, 10th February 2017

Fire and restoration network hub

Our Vision

We are creating a ‘community of practice’ for people with a shared passion and interest in using fire for ecological restoration. Our aim is to maintain an open and inclusive network where practitioners can inform, support and advise each other and help build on-ground capacity.

Why was the network started?

The need to support ongoing discussions about the use of fire for ecological restoration became clear during NCC’s 2015 Bushfire Conference, Fire and Restoration: working with fire for healthy lands. There was recognition of the difficulty for practitioners from diverse agencies and organisations to communicate, and people were not sure who to contact for advice.

Who’s involved?

The site is managed by NCC Bushfire Program staff, with the support of a range of topic moderators, mentors and volunteers external to NCC. The network itself is driven by our members and the content they contribute.

Interest has come from local council staff, bushcare and Landcare groups, natural resource management agencies, fire agencies, academics, community members and volunteers. Each member in their own way is invested in the management of public and/or privately owned land, and has experience or an interest in the use of fire for restoration. Through the interactions of these different groups and individuals we hope to encourage fresh thinking and innovative practice.

Recent articles:

  • Fire, Flammability and Woody Weeds | Interview with Felipe Aires discusses his work with African olive and Cootamundra wattle and his suggestions for integrating fire response details into the weed databases.
  • Does pyro-diversity really promote biodiversity? | An article from the Ecological Society of Australia notes the importance of local knowledge when managing fire for plant and animal conservation.
  • Wattleridge Indigenous Protected Area | Fire and Seasons Calendar.
  • National Standards for Ecological Restoration | Have you compared your project with the standards

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