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A fire season update

Wednesday, 29th June 2016

A fire season update

 The dry end to autumn also meant that fire agencies and land managers have successfully completed a number of hazard reduction burns across the state. Up to three times as much hazard reduction burning has been undertaken this year in comparison to autumn 2015. These activities have been occurring right across the state and are an important part of protecting people and property from bush fires.

The major El Niño event experienced over summer is at an end and in recent weeks, enhanced rainfall has been experienced across Australia. Throughout June, large parts of the state from the Tweed in the north to Eden in the south have been affected by storms brought on by a number of East Coast low pressure systems and a series of cold fronts. Rainfall is expected to remain above average across South Eastern Australia until August. During this time, daytime temperatures are likely to remain warmer than average for parts of Southeast Australia. These warmer and wetter conditions could enhance the spring growing season. However, at this stage the influence of this on the next fire season is unclear as the chance of La Niña forming is about 50%. The previous La Niña experienced from 2010-2012 brought widespread flooding across Australia. If it does form again in 2016, the Bureau of Meteorology reports that it is not expected to be as intense.

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The NSW Rural Fire Service has recently released the Bush Fire Household Assessment tool. This tool can help you to assess your household's level of risk from a bush fire and make informed decisions regarding your 'Leave Early or Stay and Defend' choice for this coming bush fire season.

You can take other simple steps that could help save your life, your family and your home.

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