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Evaluating the Hotspots Program

Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Evaluating the Hotspots Program

Thank you to all who provided feedback on the Hotspots program via the survey or direct phone calls. We really appreciate hearing your views and are currently working to integrate the findings into future program delivery. Amanda Edwards has been evaluating the program as part of her PhD at the University of Wollongong, working in collaboration with Jacki Schirmer from Canberra University.

Results: What are the program strengths?

Your feedback has helped us clarify many of the program strengths, with participants indicating they:

  • valued the property maps provided in the workshop to support fire management planning
  • developed their understanding of fire management rules and regulations
  • developed a better understanding of fire behaviour
  • felt more in control of land management
  • developed an understanding of why landholders and land managers (e.g. National Parks) burn land
  • built stronger relationships with their local RFS brigade
  • felt more confident to take action to protect and improve biodiversity on their property

What can we consider for the future?

In response to feedback received during the evaluation, we are also looking to create more opportunities for:

  • hands-on involvement during workshops for example in preparing a burn site
  • ecological monitoring pre and post a burn
  • follow-up support for workshop participants

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