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Facilitating Quick Results in the Corindi Valley

Friday, 4th October 2013

Facilitating Quick Results in the Corindi Valley

The Upper Sherwood Creek Fire, in late August 2012 was contained at 113 hectares when tracks identified during a Hotspots program were used to contain the bush fire and minimise the spread onto neighbouring properties.

The Plum Pudding Fire in the Conglomerate State Forest started on 20 October 2012. The fire burned for nine days in the State Forest and had the potential to destroy life and property as well as damaging threatened species’ habitats and rainforest. The fire was contained to 1,000 hectares due to the response of local volunteers as well as the excellent hazard reduction treatments on the properties on the perimeter of the fire.

The Corindi Hotspots Program in 2011/12 resulted in on-ground risk management outcomes improving both protection to the community as well as maintaining biodiversity values.

Click here to read in full the Bush Fire Bulletin article.

For more information also see the Hotspots Corindi Valley Case Study.

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