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Great Koala Count

Thursday, 3rd October 2013

Great Koala Count

This year, the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) in partnership with the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative is running an exciting Citizen Science survey, the 'Great Koala Count' from the 7th - 17th of November that anyone can get involved in!

The aim of the Koala Count is to create a comprehensive picture of Koala numbers and locations across the landscape by engaging the community directly in the survey.  A GPS enabled smartphone app ‘BioTag’ that links to the Atlas of Living Australia has been developed specifically for the Count. The free app enables participants to easily record their Koala sightings straight to their smartphone. People who do not own a smartphone can enter their sightings directly to the Data Portal.

The data collected will complement existing Koala records and may be used to inform future conservation strategies for the species. With sufficient support, it is hoped the Count will be replicated each year to show trends in Koala populations, movement and habitat use over time. To get involved in the Great Koala Count, simply register as a Citizen Scientist on NPA’s Data Portal at, download the app and you are ready to start counting!

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