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Jali Environmental Trust Funding

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Jali Environmental Trust Funding

The Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) was successful with two NSW Environmental Trust Restoration and Rehabilitation Fund applications. The applications will commence in the 2012/13 financial year for up to three years.

The Environmental Trust funding will allow the Jali LALC to provide ongoing restoration and management of high conservation value vegetation including endangered ecological communities across key areas like Seven Mile Beach and around Wardell. The funding will allow co-ordination by a senior Indigenous regenerator, weed management and an area has been identified to receive an ecological burn to promote regeneration within a grassland area. 

The Hotspots team is excited by the announcement especially as some of the work will link to the Hotspots training program delivered with the Jali LALC in 2009/10. Check out the Jali case study for more information.

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