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New Hotspots website launch

Thursday, 24th November 2011

New Hotspots website launch

Hotspots is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The website has been designed so that it will continue to develop and grow as an important information hub for both property owners and for others that are part of community fire and land management. A feature of the website is our easy to navigate map to access a range of information including:

  • Locations and details of upcoming workshops and stories on some of our previous workshop events held
  • Regional resources and materials such as landholder friendly booklets that describe how fire might be managed in your area through to detailed reviews which explore the relationship between fire and different vegetation communities
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to create your own map-based fire management plan for areas of native vegetation on your property
  • Fact sheets that offer information on frequently asked questions such as understanding fire behaviour, the relationship between fire and climate change and what approvals you need to burn on your property

Other features include updates on fire related publications, articles and youtube videos that may be of interest to you as a property owner and land manager, and who you might be able to contact for more information.

We hope you find our website becomes a valuable information source. Please let us know if there is something you think we should include as the site continues to grow.

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