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Hotspots highlights - community stories

Wednesday, 23rd November 2011

Hotspots highlights - community stories

As our first online newsletter, the Hotspots team would like to take this opportunity to pay respect and give recognition to Peter Mackenzie-Stewart; aka 'Macca', who tragically died in a light aircraft accident in 2010.

At our very first Hotspots workshop held at Currawyina (a large property near Drake, Northern NSW) in August 2005, Peter stood out as a character that had a passion for looking after the land. As an engaging landholder champion not only did Peter motivate us and others around him but was also a source of great inspiration to those he worked with.

"Before Hotspots, we were an isolated community; we felt that we had to fight fire by ourselves, that we were alone. But since the training, we feel part of a larger community now that we manage for fire as a community."

Peter "Macca" Stewart

To learn more about Peter and the Currawinya story have a look at our case study or view on our youtube video.

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